Good to Meet You

Growing up as a northern girl from Lancashire I was surrounded by strong creative female’s, the challenges they faced and the love they gave, and how they taught me to wake up everyday doing something I loved was inspiring. I didn’t know I would become a photographer even when I studied film at college. I found it hard to concentrate in a classroom, I was always found photographing the dancers in the next room! I don’t see myself as a photographer but a storyteller, cameras don’t excite me people do. I’m connected to emotions and light, I’m inspired by love and stories.

My story was a girl meets boy on a blind date in Newyork 15 years ago. I fell in love that day. We are now holed up in our crazy world of books and banter with our children in Windsor Berkshire. My stories are what I am today raw and honest. I’m excited by food, travel, art and friendships. I have a love of anything boho and have a collection of anything spiritual. I’m inspired by love.

I’m a relaxed authentic storyteller for the free spirited couple, I work in a documentary style but direct shots through the wedding day when needed. Being in front of the camera is not easy, I understand that and  I am there to make you feel totally relaxed and free on your day.

 Windsor is where I lay my hat but traveling is what I love. I photograph from the energetic streets of London, to the beaches of Ibiza. I’m excited about your adventures and your new journey.


I would love to hear your story!



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