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When it comes to flowers I go all girlie! I just can’t help it. I was told at the age of 15 that my work experience should be as a florist. I, of course, said ‘no way’ as you do at that age and chose to work in a school. I regret that decision, as I had no idea how much I admire a beautiful wedding bouquet or how much it makes my day when someone buys me flowers. So much design and detail goes into these wonderful pieces of art.

So, I got the chance to hang out with my dear friend Farah, who writes for her own blog and who gets as equally as excited, as me, over a beautiful display of flowers. Farah invited me along to meet her lovely florist friend Iona, who has a Florist business of her own at ‘Bloomingdale Flowers’. Today was a day to drink lots of coffee and see what goes into the art of flowers. We all have our own tastes when it comes to our choice in flowers. Mine is a wild garden style with subtle colours and plenty of greens. This reflects me as a person.

This is an important part of your wedding day and the choice of colours will compliment your dress and colour theme of ‘YOUR’ day.
After your wedding day is over, you could dry them or take a part of your bouquet and place it in your album. There are many ideas to keep your memories alive.

I have always wondered why the bride carries a bouquet. According to the Huffington Post, during the 15th century, people took their yearly baths in May and would generally get married in June. Just to be safe, brides carried bouquets to mask the smell of body odour. Crazy I know! Also the throwing of the bouquet came from a strange tradition of ripping the brides dress as, it was told, she was lucky on the day. People would tear a piece of her dress, as a piece of luck, so she started throwing her garter and bouquet in lieu of pieces of her dress. I, for one, am glad of these changes in tradition!

Inspire yourself, let your day reflect the person you both are..

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A great read by Farah, Be kind to yourself

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