What to expect from Samie Lee Photography in 2020

To all my loyal readers, thank you for sharing this experience with me so far. While a new decade calls for a new chapter, I will be bringing all that I have learnt so far with me into this new year. There will be weddings, but I also have my work set on other BIG projects. Curious to find out more? All is explained below…


What did you learn in 2019 that you hope to take forward this year?

2019 was an interesting year. As I continue to grow as a photographer I find my direction and style changing. 50% of my work this year will be studio portraiture, while the other half will be focused on weddings. I’m also experimenting with fine art portraiture, so I’m very excited to see the outcome of that.

My biggest news perhaps, is that a rebrand is about to happen and so I look forward to sharing new things that are forecast for this year.


Have you got any exciting up and coming projects?

I recently started a project on northern poets and was gifted a poetry book written by Toria Garbutt and was instantly hooked. I wrote to her expressing how much I loved her work and the next thing I know I’m meeting her in London for a shoot.

This led to following the work of another poet I admired and it’s been a ripple effect since. So I am looking forward to meeting more poets this year and working on this project in more depth.


Mike Garry poet

You recently opened a studio. Where can people find you and what can they expect?

That’s right! I’ll be based in a London studio for 2020, while photographing headshots and working alongside my wedding clients.

I started studio work in 2019 and loved it. I have always been a natural light photographer, and I like to keep things different from time to time.

Working with light brings versatility to my daily job – not that it feels like one – and some of my most recent work takes place among dark and moodier lighting. For me, the most exciting part of natural light headshots is tracing the contrast in light, as this will allow me to depict a certain image.


Studio portraits London


Do you have any goals in mind for the year ahead?

My goal this year is to start workshops for photographers. These workshops will cater for beginners looking to set up their own portfolio, as well as providing start-up knowledge in the wedding industry.

I will be working alongside Natasha from Natasha Spencer Weddings Events. There will be a day filled with tips and tricks, topped with a beautiful styled shoot.


Winding house bride and groom


What challenges are you anticipating?

I’m hoping to start my MA in photography, so my biggest challenge would be studying around my business. But I am also very excited to get back into learning and growing further in what I do.



What direction do you see your photography taking?

In 2019 I had such a mix of work, from working behind the scenes on a music video to fabulous weddings that I still think about to this day. Each year is so different, but 2020 is already proving to be an exciting year filled with new adventures.



Jetta in a music video in London

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