How to keep relaxed on your wedding day

How to Keep Relaxed on your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days in your life. It is a day to remember, with family, friends and acquaintances wishing you all the best for the next stages of your life with your partner. On this occasion, it is perfectly normal a bride or groom to feel nervous or have jitters about their big day. While a degree of nervousness is normal, it can also pull someone out of the present moment, allowing you to not enjoy the momentous event as much as you possibly could. Thankfully, there are certain tried and true methods for staying calm and relaxed on your wedding day. This will result in a more enjoyable wedding, with nice and relaxed photography, couple shots included.

Tip #1: Preparation the Night Before

In the lead-up to a wedding, there is a lot to prepare. There are caterers, guests, locations, musicians and family members to manage. Therefore, preparation is absolutely key to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day. For a bride the night before a wedding, be sure to hang up dress and shoes, and lay accessories and lingerie. This means you can easily slip into your gown and jewelry easily after getting hair and makeup in the morning. If you’re bringing a small handbag or clutch, be sure to lay this out as well for easy access on the day of the wedding.

Tip #2: An Early Night

Sleep is absolutely key for a relaxed and well-rested wedding day. This means getting at least 8 hours the night before. It’s well established that lack of sleep can lead to crankiness or short temperedness on a big occasion. This can all be overcome through some nice relaxing sleep in a comfortable setting. Downloading an app such as Calm can help you drift off to sleep by enjoying the relaxing sounds of nature.

Tip #3: Meditate

Meditation helps some of the world’s top performers on a daily basis. All around the world, people who meditate report feeling calmer, less stressed and better able to deal with the pressures of daily life. A wedding day can be extremely stimulating, meaning there are many different things going which may lead to overwhelm. When posing for your wedding photos, you want to stay fully present and immersed in the moment, without letting this feeling of overwhelm stop you from enjoying one of the happiest days of your life.

Tip #4: A Full Stomach

A full stomach with some good breakfast can help you keep relaxed on your wedding day. For many who feel that coffee may be over-stimulating for their big day, be sure to drink some water or tea instead to keep hydrated.

Wrap Up:

The most beautiful day of your life requires solid preparation and a clear mind. By acting on these tips above you will benefit by enjoying your big day as much as possible. This will mean the best and most relaxed photos for you to enjoy of your big day for the rest of your life.

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