Engagement photography for 2018



I am a big fan of a lovely relaxed hours shoot somewhere beautiful and getting to photograph two people in love ready for their new journey ahead!

These shoots are great if you are looking for a pre wedding shoot or would just like to have some gorgeous pics of the two of you.

Let me run through with you how these things go!

Where will we shoot….  I am up for anything! If it’s Paris I’m there.. If it’s Iceland I’m there.. I say go crazy with your dream shoot. It could be the cafe you first met or your favourite beach or a walk in the forest this is your story.

What times would be need to be there… I photograph early morning or sunset hour as these are the most glorious times of day to capture the golden light. I would inform you of the times of the current season.

What will you wear!  this is something you would have to decide. you could bring two outfits. One being super glam and sexy for her and something slick for him and the other just the way you both are, jeans cosy jumpers wellies..(cute)

I am shy in front of the camera will I feel awkward… You will for the first 10 mins, It will take a short while to warm up but I am trained in making sure you will feel comfortable in front of the camera and I also direct in the most natural way! ( not scary I promise)

How long are the sessions… They last for 1hr to 1/30 mins depending on outfits. You will be having so much fun time will disappear.

How much are you, what comes with that.. My sessions are £195 these include the hour session of your choice. 30 high resolution images on an online gallery for you to download. And a gift from me,a 12×8 fine art print of your favourite image.

How do I book… Email me on my contact page, of the month and date that you would like , and I will get back to you if I’m available or with an available date.

If there are any other questions you would to know pop it over on my email I would be glad to help!


woman and man leaning on a yellow wall woman and man hugging against a wallman kissing girlwoman and man holding each other and kissing in the sunsetman kissing woman in the sunsetman and woman leaning on each otherman and woman kissing in Italyman and woman running on beach holding handsman and woman laughing in brighton






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