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Bohemian Wedding Dresses

“Be Yourself.” That’s the advice we’re always told growing up, right? But what about being yourself on your wedding day? One thing I’ve found is that with all the pressures and influences around you, you may find yourself lacking uniqueness.

I want to change that for my brides.

I want my brides to know that no matter what, being yourself on your big day is what matters the most. In fact, it’s what is the secret behind feeling comfortable, confident, and able to take in every moment! While there are many different aspects of your day that you can let your style shine through, today I want to focus on wedding dresses.

Because, girl, you’re gonna rock it.

Let’s talk about Bohemian wedding dresses for a minute. They’re flowing, they’re relaxed, they’re freeing. If you find yourself drawn to the boho style, don’t let your wedding day style be any different! I 100% believe in the importance of being in a dress that lets you move AND feel like yourself. I’ve been keeping an eye out on styles to share with you all. I found myself drawn to some that are unique and individualized. I am drawn to the short dresses, the backless dresses, and the fitted dresses…swoon!
If you’re someone that finds yourself looking for that extra something when it comes to fashion, a bohemian wedding dress can embrace that. Bohemian dresses come in so many styles, materials, and even colors. It’s so hard for me to choose a few of my favorites. I love that some of the dresses include different materials and additions! Like lace, crochet, or beading. I love the bohemian details that give a laid back feeling. These can be brought to life with other added accessories! Such as a funky boho headpiece from etsy or finding a dress that shows off your favourite tattoos.

Find a way to be unique and allow your style to flow throughout your wedding details.

One way to channel your unique style into a boho wedding dress is through leaving the light behind. Stick with me…I promise this is a good thing! I am loving the trend of boho wedding dresses that are a shade or two darker than bright white! Or, even completely different colors like mauve or a golden yellow. Sometimes it takes stepping away from tradition to find the color that will best represent you and your romantic and authentic style. Let’s be honest…breaking tradition is fun.
I also want to take a second and point out that your budget doesn’t have to be huge to afford a gorgeous boho wedding dress that you’ve been eyeing! There are so many budget-friendly options out there for as little as £100. I want to make sure that my brides know that it’s possible to find the right dress at the right price. The right dress can be as far from traditional as you want it to be.
I love that my couples are authentic and raw. I love that my couples are true to their style and, to be honest, it makes my job that much more enjoyable. I want my brides to be themselves on their big day. When a bride is dressed in their own unique style and feels comfortable and free, the photos show. I love when my brides pick out unique and Indie accessories like jewellery, hats, and hand picked flowers. It takes their wedding day (or every day) to the next level. Don’t forget to be yourself and let your style shine through on your wedding day.
Let it be yours!
XOXO, Samie

Below are some of my favourite’s

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