Boho photography-lytham-st-annes/ Karen & Stuart

Its been almost a year since I photographed Karen & Stuart at their amazing Ibiza wedding.This time Karen has a completely new look and I am in love with it. I wanted to do this shoot with them on Lytham-st-annes beach as we didn’t get to do a beach shoot at the wedding. The shoot in Ibiza was on a cliff looking over the ocean!!! ‘I know wow’…
I can’t compete with that, so I asked my brother to bring his retro camper van along! I have been dying to photograph this van and this shoot was perfect for the job.
Having a shoot together after your wedding will bring back such an amazing day. You could even do it in your dress! ROCKTHEFROCK style.

Have fun, relax and enjoy the moment…

couple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple-on-st-annes-beachcouple on st-annes-beach

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