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I’m Samie, the romantic and creative behind the lens of Samie Lee Photography. I’m connected to emotions and light. I’m inspired by love I’ve captured, seen, and heard stories about. My love story started on a blind date in New York fifteen years ago. I fell in love that day, and I’ve continued to fall in love with the man I met everyday since. Together we have created our own little world of books and banter with our children in Windsor Berkshire. We’ve created our own little adventure through our love story.


I live my life in a way that is raw, relaxed, and honest. I am attracted to the love stories of couples who live their lives the same. I grew up as a Northern girl from Lancashire, surrounded by strong and creative females. It was through them I learned to wake up everyday and do something I loved. My heart knew I was going to be a photographer before my brain did. Even in Film College, photographing the beauty and movement of the dancers in the next room captivated me more than the study itself.


I like to call myself a storyteller, and consider it an honour to capture the love stories that I get to. It’s not the cameras that excite me, but the faces and love in front of the lens. I have a love of anything and everything boho. I’m excited by food, travel, art, and friendships. While Windsor is where I lay my hat, traveling is what I love.


I capture love in weddings from the streets of London to the beaches of Ibiza. I tell stories through photographing in a documentary style, although I do not shy away from direct shots throughout the day when needed. My goal is to capture your adventure and your new journey in a way that is reflective of who you are as a couple. I have a deep love for couples who are relaxed, free spirited, and are looking for a modern and intimate portrayal of the day they choose forever.


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