10 top tips for hosting a budget-friendly wedding

From handmade invitations to outdoor venues in spring,
here’s how you can throw an incredible wedding to remember without breaking the bank…


1: Celebrate in Spring

The season you host your wedding will determine many aspects of your day. While the choice of flowers and food may first come to mind, it’s easy to overlook celebrating off-season when venues are at their cheapest. Sure the UK weather isn’t the most accurate to predict, but in recent years late Spring and early Autumn have shown a promise of warmer temperatures.


2: Tie the knot outdoors

Venues take up the majority of wedding budgets, so hosting your day outdoors can cut a significant amount of the cost. The UK has unspoiled landscapes, with many wedding venues located in its national parks – the perfect escape for outdoor lovers. Worried about the weather? Simply add a transparent marquee to the list and you’ve got yourself covered.

3: Get creative with handmade invitations

Now you’ve sorted the venue and guest list it’s time to send out the invites. Not only do hand crafted cards show you’ve taken extra thought and consideration to inviting close friends and family to the day, but it’s also the first sign of what to expect from your big day. Whether you go bold with glitter or sophisticated with lace borders, use your invitations as an opportunity to give your guests a clue on what to expect.

4: Buy a designer dress second-hand

Finding the right dress for you doesn’t have to come at an extortionate expense. It’s natural to want to feel unique on your wedding day, but there is no shame in wearing a pre-loved dress. If anything, it’s eco-friendly and saves you a fortune for an item of clothing you’ll only wear once. There are many hidden gems across bridal sites that sell designer dresses, including Vera Wang items. A good starting point is browsing Still White and Bride2Bride.

5: Opt for original table pieces

While fresh floral arrangements are a natural choice for decorating tables, they can be very costly when it comes to seating large numbers of guests at tables. Wax-dripped candlesticks, gin bottles and fairy light filled jars create a chic and relaxed atmosphere. Add a canopy of lights overhead and you’ve created a nest of calm for your guests.

6: Transform your florals

Not all floral arrangements come with a big price tag, just stick with what’s in-season or perennial flowers and you’ll be well-within budget. Flowers including Queens Anne’s lace and baby’s breath add a touch of elegance when displayed in mason jars, and are a popular choice for summer weddings. While roses and lilies are an affordable choice year-round.

7: Hire a food truck

The cost of feeding a three course meal to 100+ guests is by no means cheap. Instead, we recommend rolling in the wagons for an outdoor foodie feast. Not only does it allow guests the flexibility to eat as and when they’re feeling peckish, but it adds to a greater social atmosphere. Whether your taste buds are tempted by the heat of Mexican tacos, or classic fish and chips, the choice of food trucks on offer is endless. Why not hire a prosecco bar on wheels while you’re at it?

Bride and groom holding pink flowers


Bring your own booze. Make the most of venues that offer a free option to bring your own alcohol, by buying in bulk from a supermarket or warehouse. It will save you a ton of money on the night and keep the drinks flowing freely until the early hours.

9: Have your guests take a polaroid selfie

Having a camera and dress-up box to the side for people to take their own snaps is a great way of getting all guests involved. One of the best ways to ensure you get a photo of everyone on your special day is to display a board with each guests name, then have them replace their name tags with a polaroid they’ve taken themselves. Selfie anyone?

10: Serve up snack-size cakes

Surely cutting the cake is one of the most anticipated parts of any wedding. I mean, who isn’t tempted by a slice of succulent cake that’s been staring at you for the entirety of the day so far. Sadly, too many guests leave without having tried a slice. Whether that’s because they’ve shied away in front of other guests, or are simply too drunk to remember it’s there, make it easier for your guests and serve up snack-sized cakes and treats. It’s affordable well-within budget and people won’t shy away from the table. Win-win!

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