FAQs: 10 common wedding worries and questions answered

What if it rains? How do I keep all the family happy? Can I get too drunk?

These thoughts are among a long list of common worries that brides-to-be have before their wedding day.
But fear not! You’re not the first or last to ask these questions, so we’ve endeavoured to put your mind at ease by answering them.


1: We’ve booked an outdoor venue, but now it’s forecast to rain.

While no one can predict the weather months in advance of your wedding day, you can have a contingency plan in place. This starts when you’re scouting venues and you can ask if they offer an indoor alternative if raincloud is forecast on the day. If you’ve booked a beach or open outdoor area, having a marquee as a plan b will prevent a lot of stress. Likewise, having umbrellas handy on the day can help reduce guest discomfort for the short period they are exposed.


2: I have high-heel wedding shoes, but I don’t want to get sore feet.

Wedding days are long, so when it comes to footwear comfort is key. Having a second pair of shoes is always a handy option. Brides with floor-length gowns can get away with just about anything, from flip flops to sparkling converse. Another handy tip is to break in your shoes before the big day – trust us, it will go a long way in terms of how they fit and how you feel.


3: My wedding is on a tight budget. What do I do about plus one guests?

Close family and friends tend to take priority for the main ceremony, while reception parties offer a more relaxed environment for extended guests. This is ideal for those who are planning a budget-friendly wedding and would prefer to minimise the cost of a sit down dinner. By the time plus-ones arrive for the evening do the party will be in full swing, offering a friendly atmosphere to meet other guests and dance the night away.


4: Is there such thing as getting too drunk at your own wedding?

Weddings are a day for celebration. You toast with champagne and the reception is made all the more merrier with the help of a free-flowing bar. But for hosts that are concerned about how to strike the best balance between formality and fun, here are some tips that will keep you on top form throughout the day.

  • Relax with a small glass of champagne in the morning while getting ready.
  • Water, water, water. Accompany a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage in the early hours.
  • Stick to one or two drinks before making a speech.
  • It’s okay to accept or decline drinks brought on behalf of guests.
  • Drink to remember. Your wedding day is one not to forget, so try not to go overboard


5: I’m worried I will stain or rip my dress.

While it would be easy to advise against eating or drinking while wearing all-white, that’s not a realistic option. Some accidents just can’t be avoided, so it’s best to be over-prepared in this case. Here are a few rules to follow for different fabrics:

Silk – Dab a damp sponge or cloth to remove alcohol stains.

Lace – Run the stain under cold water, gently rub baking soda on the stain, leave for 5 minutes. Rinse the soda with cold water, then dab with lukewarm water.

Things to remember: act quick, make yourself an emergency bag (including thread, needle and safety pins),  and above all, don’t rub the stain aggressively to avoid it spreading.

See more tips and details here.


6: How do I keep wedding photos off social media on the day?

‘Unplugged’ weddings have become commonplace and are a polite way of requesting guests to refrain from using their phones throughout wedding ceremonies. It is also an effective way of preventing any photos being shared on social media before the bride and groom go public with their announcement. Another option is to ask your registrar to announce the wishes of the bride and groom before the ceremony begins.


7: Not all family attendees see eye-to-eye. What can I do to ensure their differences don’t ruin the day?

Firstly, remember that this is your day and one that you want to remember for the right reasons. If there are family members that you are hesitant to invite, there is no obligation whatsoever to have them there. With that being said weddings can also be a day of unity and joy, not just for the newly weds, but for relatives that haven’t seen one another for a long time. Try speaking face-to-face with the person or persons concerned and explain how you feel. Additionally, tactical seating plans can work in your favour as a means for avoiding conflicts between guests.


8: How can I cater for all of my guest’s dietary requirements?

If you’ve arranged a sit down meal for guests, most catering teams have a long list of options that will tend to vegetarians, vegans, meat-lovers and more. Having your guests RSVP with dietary specifics is always a good option. Otherwise, having a buffet spread of non-meat and meat dishes will keep most guests happy.


Pizza on a board

9: I want the small but significant moments caught on camera, as well as the main events.

Speak to your photographer before your wedding day and outline any key events that you specifically want photographed. Every photographer is different, but I prefer to blend in with the guests. Not only does this allow me to capture more intimate moments throughout the day, but it also adds an element of surprise when you get to see the photos I captured. Some of the best wedding moments are the spontaneous ones.


10: I’m not a photogenic person and am worried how the wedding photos will turn out.

It’s all too easy to be hyper-critical of how we look in photos nowadays. But I can assure you that everyone will be on your side to make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day. You want to receive an album that flaunts your beauty and the emulated love of those around you. So with that in mind it pays to have the right photographer. I work with my clients to ensure they get the outcome they want, as well as a few hidden surprises that capture the everlasting memories from an unforgettable day of their lives.


Do you have any worries or questions that you’d like us to answer?
Comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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